Train right to improve your


In a nutshell

We offer an effort test at an affordable price, on a treadmill or with your own bike on an indoor cycle trainer.

The results of this test are personalised in order to find out your specific training zones. With these we can give you advice on how to extract the maximum out of your running.


With a targeted training programme, you can improve your running performance by 20 to 40%, without necessarily increasing your running time. (see article)


Do you want to run a race (10km – semi – marathon – trail - …) - cycle - triathlon, or just improve your overall performance ?

With our professional experience and support you can reach your goals, simultaneously minimizing your risk of injury.


Yannick Bianchini

I have been working in the sports industry for over eighteen years.

After receiving my degree in sports, with a specialisation in physical preparation, from the Université libre de Bruxelles, I started up my company Fitby. In the last decade I have worked with both professionals and amateurs in various disciplines, including national top level football teams.

Since retiring from football myself, I have developed a passion for trail running.

With my knowledge and experience, I would like to help people achieve their goals by offering them the best possible training conditions.


LEESCHTUNG is a new endeavour joining the plethora of services that have been on offer from Fitby since 2007.